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Eat Ice Cream

A friend of mine once said you cannot eat ice cream and be angry at the same time. So every time he gets upset or is tempted to blow off his top, he goes away and buys an ice cream for himself. Sometimes, he also buys one for the object of his upset  and they…

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What is Self-Worth?

What is Self-Worth? When I was growing up, I did not value myself. I realize that I didn’t really understand what it meant to have a healthy sense of self-worth. Wikipedia defines it as self-esteem. Other related words include self-regard, self-respect and integrity.  Psychologist Carl Rogers observed in his clinical practice that many of the…

Take a Bath

I know this advice sounds funny! But when you’re feeling emotionally unwell, all you want to do is sulk in your old t-shirt and pajamas and hide under the covers. I feel you. But you must help yourself. A long, nice bath or hot shower can help comfort your heart. Let the stress or the…

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A New Chapter

  Life is like a book and we are its authors. We create our own stories and make our own plot. The ink that writes the book of our lives is unchangeable and permanent. An error that has been committed cannot be erased. It is forever written in the leaves of the past. Yet we…

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